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Empty Space Doesn’t Generate Income PDF Print E-mail

Are you having difficulty securing new accounts? How do you fill that last minute hole? Are you running more house ads than you would prefer?

In a plethora of outdoor advertising media that have surfaced in the last few years, billboards, taxi tops, bus panels, automobiles, bus stop panels, LED screens, and seasonal demand, media owners are finding it increasingly challenging in filling their space with ads that produce income.

One solution is to consider barter ads. Trading advertising space for business needs drives several cash-generating benefits, including attracting NEW advertisers, and expanding the client base and market share.

BarterXchange with its global network can help outdoor media owners, magazines, newspapers, sports grounds, sports clubs effectively convert empty space into cash. Joining BarterXchange is a strategic marketing decision. In trading advertising space, you are not incurring additional costs. You are earning barter trade credits (1 Barter Trade Credit = 1 Singapore Dollar) that you can use to pay for your business needs, or add value through purchasing outdoor or print media space in the region for your clients who need regional advertising to launch a new campaign or introduce a new product line.

A deal that is offered in barter gives you the advantage over your competitors who are trying to sell for hard cash. Instead of spending time and resources sourcing for new accounts, why not let BarterXchange with a dedicated team of trade brokers secure new business deals for you?

Using barter trade credits earned to purchase regional advertising media gives you the competitive edge, in retaining your clients and securing new advertisers in a volatile industry.

Trading actively with BarterXchange helps you to retain existing clients, secure new accounts, improve cashflow and maximize your profits. Can you afford to ignore barter?