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Increasing Sales In the Competitive Restaurant Industry PDF Print E-mail
Are your customers are ordering lower-priced entrees and fewer alcoholic beverages?

Your overheads are built in, you have to pay rent, staff salaries regardless of whether the tables are filled or empty.

Can you afford to have a table sit there unoccupied?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to fill those unoccupied tables every day and night with NEW CUSTOMERS, increase revenue, create greater ambience within your restaurant, and gain valuable referral business?

We can drive NEW business to your restaurant; and increase your sales.

When you join the BarterXchange network, you will gain exposure to hundreds of new customers! You will earn barter trade credits. The trade revenue you earn can be used to finance the purchase of needed products and services, such as advertising in business and lifestyle magazines, increasing on-line traffic to your website, printing menus and brochures, purchasing new linen. This will improve your cashflow and increase profits!