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We look forward to opportunities with BarterXchange. Both to expand our client base and at the same time, deliver more value to all our clients, existing or new.

Geraldine Png
Head of Marketing
EGuide Singapore Pte Ltd
BarterXchange has consistently promoted my restaurant since I joined the trading network, and as the Exchange continues to grow, I am confident that we will be serving more new customers at Rendezvous.

Seah King Ming

Rendezvous Restaurant Hock Lock Kee
"We joined BarterXchange because we see this as good opportunity to reach out to a wider circle of clients and potential clients. We also hope that via BarterXchange, we can establish greater recognition and awareness of our company and the services are able to provide."

Max Ng
Gateway Law Corporation
"BarterXchange potentially provides trade and networking opportunities for us to explore, where mutually beneficial results could be achieved on an alternate platform."

Ang Kiam Meng
General Manager
JUMBO Group of Restaurants
"BarterXchange is a phenomenal source of new business opportunities through their on line trading network and members’ events. In September this year, we have gained US$80,000 in new business and more importantly access to new markets."

Jeffrey Tan
Marketing Director
JCHS Media Pte Ltd
Image“Ad Asia is the leading trade magazine for the advertising and marketing industry in Singapore and an important publication regionally. We have been working as a Media Partner with BarterXchange in Singapore for eight months at the time of writing.

BarterXchange has attracted to our magazine advertisers who may not have previously realized the opportunity we offer to reach up-market readers or did not have the budget to invest in on-going advertising campaigns.

We have found BarterXchange staff professional in their operation and the partnership has resulted in new clients coming into the magazine.

We think the benefit of this trading opportunity is that it introduces a wider selection of advertisers to the magazine and offers them, on the other hand, an opportunity to explore new media at a reasonable cost.

In our opinion, BarterXchange benefits both the publisher and the client."

Allein G Moore
Publisher & Managing Editor
Ad Asia
"BarterXchange is constantly creating new opportunities, helping us to market our business to new customers. We are a great supporter of networking nights. It is a great channel for picking up new business deals and building relationships with potential clients and business partners. We will always go to these events."

Diana Yap

Delhi Restaurant
“We have great confidence in BarterXchange and its various marketing strategies. We firmly believe that BarterXchange can play a significant role to help get new business leads and increase sales, and achieve our goal to be the fastest growing general insurance intermediary in Singapore”

Alicia Wong
Director, Administration & Finance
Assura Pte Ltd
"I am confident that with BarterXchange’s ever growing network of members, I can easily find something that I will need. More importantly, BarterXchange also helps me to generate sales among other members on the exchange. So, I will definitely recommend everyone to join this unique platform to conduct a portion of their business."

Jong Voon Hoo
Chief Financial Officer
Youcan Foods International
"As a new business cash is key, and BarterXchange enables us to move forward operationally with marketing initiatives, supplier contracts and generally growing the business without the burden of cash flying out of the account each month. It also exposes us to many different like-minded organizations who have the potential to be long-term clients. Barter transactions are an every day occurrence – with friends, colleagues, clients…even the girlfriend. Having a platform to connect many different business offerings permits these transactions to happen seamlessly"

Steve Ebsworth
Urban Fairways
"BarterXchange helps to improve my company cashflow and increase business leads and opportunities. In fact, I got 3 major corporate leads during my first month with Barterxchange. Why wait? Join us now and let’s grow together"

Ken Chee
Just Media
" The BarterXchange platform allows businesses to acquire new customers who find it more beneficial to work through this channel. It becomes a win-win situation for both"

Jon Foo J H
General Manager
Planning & Administration
Stamford Land Corporation Limited
"Not only are the guys of BarterXchange super efficient in executing transactions, they are also, maybe more importantly, in constant search of finding creative ways of expanding our customer base - Impressive!"

Gunther Sherz
Managing Director
Metamorphosis Holdings Pte Ltd
" I have been actively bartering since I became a BarterXchange member. Going into bartering is a no-brainer. I will urge as many business owners as possible to get involved."

Albert Kong
Managing Director
Asiawide Trends Pte Ltd
“The introduction of a Code of Barter Conduct is timely and gets BarterXchange members to commit to integrity and business ethics when doing business with one another. Going forward, I think it is a great initiative that will enhance the growth of the barter community”

Ms Valerie Lim
Managing Director
Gateway 21 Pte Ltd
“The Trade Night is a fantastic opportunity for SMEs like ourselves to trade our products and services, meet new business contacts and secure new deals. Barter may be a new concept in Singapore but it has great potential as a business tool especially for SMEs”

Muhd Ali Abdul Manab 
Gifted International
~ Always in Harmony ~
Image"BarterXchange is a great way to connect businesses and business people. It allows us to work closely with like minded companies for mutual benefit. We are glad to be members of BarterXchange to build our business, and our professional networks.

The introduction of a Trade Night is a great step forward for the barter community. What a wonderful way to buy products and services without using cash, build a business network and forge new relationships? It’s a wonderful idea and I look forward to attending the next event."

Ron Kaufman
Managing Director
Ron Kaufman Pte Ltd
Image“We are also a strong believer that it does not take money to start or run a business successfully, which is also the reason why we joined BarterXchange. This is the only platform in town that provides opportunities to companies to come together and exchange their products and services.

Being a firm believer in starting a business without money, Barter makes a lot of sense for new start up companies especially as they can start exchanging goods and services for other cash paying expenses. Conserving their cash allows them to have better cash flow management”

Wendy Kwek
Executive Directions Pte Ltd
“BarterXchange has provided a unique platform for us to reach and engage our target audience through it’s wide network of members and events”

Adam Khoo
Founder & CEO
Adam Khoo Learning Technologies
“We are excited and positive about our business collaboration with BarterXchange. We see great synergy between our companies and view BarterXchange as our extended marketing resource arm. Already, our membership has yielded results as it has actively assisted us in picking out the best products and services from members of our clients”

Jennifer Tay
Product Manager
Image“As an Asian consultancy in branding, it is important that we are flexible in providing unique financial options. BarterXchange has been a viable platform and conducive business ecosystem for our clients as they achieve better cash flow with such an arrangement.

The service and response from the Barter Associates has been impressive, and I would like to compliment them for their efforts in making our users experience always a memorable one”

Mr Simon Woo
Technological Solutions Architect & Strategy Development
Consulus Pte Ltd
“BarterXchange is definitely a great medium for my company to lower costs, add value to my clients and help me in my marketing program. Thank you, BarterXchange and the trade broker for the dedicated service and professionalism”

Benny Chang
Managing Director
Your Eye Guardian
“Chen Fu Ji is new to the barter concept, but we have so far received quality service from the Barter Associates in getting the deals done and understanding the value of Barter. We hope barter will continue to add value to our business”

Roger Koh
Chief Executive Officer
Chen Fu Ji Restaurant Management Pte Ltd